Tips For Taking Care Of Your Eyes And Vision

Out of all of our senses our eyes are probably the most important for our every day ability to function.  Our eyes allow us to see, navigate the world and communicate with others.  For many prescription sunglasses houston tx are a popular way to protect our eyes from the sun.  For additional ways to ensure that our eyes remain healthy follow the tips below.

Get an exam

Getting an eye exam on a regular basis is a necessary task we need to do on a yearly basis.  As we get older our eyes will begin to change and as such glasses, contacts and their prescriptions will change as well.  So schedule an exam around the same time every year to ensure that your eyes are in good working order.

Eat a healthy diet

The diet that we consume will affect our eyes as well as the rest of our body.  It is recommended that we consume fruits and vegetables on a daily basis to help keep our bodies in good shape.  Carrots, green leafy vegetables such as Kale, Lettice and spinach will help with your eyesight.  For those that love fish consuming a variety that is high in omega-3 fatty acids will also help with your sight.

Quit smoking

If you are a smoker or vaper quit.  Consuming nicotine and other chemicals play a dramatic role in your blood vessels.   Ingesting any type of artificial chemicals is not good for you so quit or don’t’ start.

Rest your eyes

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We use our eyes on a constant basis.  We use them on the computer, with our cell phones and watching television. This constant use and strain on our eyes will make them weak and tired.  Take a break from looking at these screens from time to time and rest your eyes.  Just like every muscle your eyes need a break.