washer and dryer parts

Finding The Correct Washer For Dryer

Perhaps the domestic environment could be used to emphasize the important point. Perhaps it would have to be something of an old-fashioned example. But yet still, you just never know, it may still be the case these days. Picture this then. Perhaps you are able to relate. Perhaps not. The erstwhile housewife is busy with her washing on the Monday morning. But out of the blue, not only does she run out of washing detergent, both the washing machine and the dryer appear to be operating a bit on the wonky side, if it is still operating at all.

washer and dryer parts

Never mind the detergent for now. That is going to have to wait. And as they settle in to the evening meal, Mom quietly informs Dad that the washing machine, and the dryer, went broke. But Dad says not to worry, he’ll have a look at it over the weekend. Over the weekend? Another three or four days to wait? Not good, but so it went. And furthermore, it would not have entered the good old housewife’s mind to dial up the repairman.

It just was not done in those days. And sure enough, old Dad heads off to the hardware store one fine Saturday morning after taking a look at the machines, and taking them apart. He’s off to buy washer and dryer parts. Don’t you worry, honey, I know what I’m doing. And I’ll be back in a bit, I know what’s missing, and I know what to get. But rarely was it the case that he did. Any of you reading this remember such days?

Pride, stubborn pride if it comes down to it, does still have its place. But really guys, only if you know what the heck you are doing.